Monday, March 22, 2010

Kem Balak, Sungai Siput

Kem Balak, Chemor
Daun pokok 'wild fig'

A Country Road

The tree lined country road barely has two lanes
The serene path narrows and and dips straight ahead
Inviting everyone with a silence that has no name
Capivated by nature's beauty.... my inner spirit is led.

Sunbeams filters through branches that are interlocked
The glorious canopy spill patches of light on gravel
A breeze flutters through lush leaves ...heat is blocked
Carefree visitors are protected as they leisurely travel.

The peaceful scene is one that will forever remain
In memories that hold the splendor of quieter days
Today cars race on the highway...speed is maintained
The intense glare upon the pavement directs the way.
(T A Moore)


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