Friday, March 19, 2010

Sungai Bubu Batu Kurau

Sungai mengalir
Dasar yang berbatu
The River

The river flows quiet and swift
It twists and turns as the water drift
It branches and breaks - its fingers entwine
It grows and grows - snakes like a vine

The river with the soft scent of a calm day
With the smell of clean- hanging - still - in the grey
And sweetness carried on the breath of morning
It caresses the river - the water flowing

The river - its lazy trickle of water
The musical rhythm - the ocean's daughter
It whispers and murmurs - a song of its own
Playing over and over - in continuous drone

The river - so clear and cool
The water flows - the color like jewels
Its soft arms embrace the shore
The river surging from the day before.
(K Jennings)


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