Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keindahan Tasek Lombong

Tasek bekas lombongTasek bekas lombong

By The Lake

My Favorite spot is by the lake
With forests by the side
Cause in the fall with colors bright
It's beauty we can't hide.

When water's ruffled by the breeze
And it laps upon the shore
The sound is very soothing and it,
makes me yearn for more.

Reflections on the water
of trees are that on fire
And when I took up to the trees
Their beauty reaches higher.

The peacefulness that lies abound
Upon the lake all around
has been there for a thousand years
But it will not last forever.
(D R Hill)

(Gambar dari koleksi K, tasek lombong di Malim Nawar.

Gambar bawah: Pokok tinggi yang tiada berdaun, banyak terdapat sarang burung di celah dahan dan ranting).


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