Monday, April 5, 2010

Tasek Lombong Malim Nawar

Malim Nawar
Malim Nawar

Regret Is A Rock

Regret is a rock
Something always there
We pretend that its gone
But its weight we share.

It sometimes pulls us down
It sometimes makes us cry
Its always hiding in our mind
One thing that never dies.

We try to discard it
We skip, we ignore, and we throw
But as a rock it is industructible
Regret will always show.

Luckily we can learn from them
Like rocks in the river bed
Over time they slowly fade
And become sand instead.
(A K Medonald)

Gambar koleksi K, salah satu tasek bekas lombong di Malim Nawar. Di Negeri Perak khasnya, tasek bekas lombong banyak di daerah Kinta, Batang Padang dan Kampar.


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